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Lifted trucks are now the favorite vehicles for  off-road enthusiasts and those seeking a rugged, adventurous lifestyle. However, when it comes to towing trailers or other equipment, the elevated height of these trucks can be really tricky and challenging. That’s where drop hitches for lifted trucks come into play. In this quick facts guide, we will explore the various types of drop hitches available on the market, the key factors to consider when choosing one, and provide recommendations for the best drop hitches on the market (and the ones adapted to your type of truck!).

Understanding Drop Hitches

A drop hitch, also known as a ball mount or hitch drop, is an essential towing accessory that allows you to connect your truck’s trailer hitch receiver to a trailer or other towed equipment. For lifted trucks, which sit higher off the ground due to suspension modifications, a drop hitch becomes crucial to maintain proper towing alignment and ensure safe, level towing.

Types of Drop Hitches

  1. Fixed Drop Hitches: Fixed drop hitches offer a single drop height and are suitable for truck owners who consistently tow trailers or equipment with the same height requirements. While they lack adjustability, fixed drop hitches are often more robust and straightforward to use.
  2. Adjustable Drop Hitches: Adjustable drop hitches provide versatility, allowing you to change the drop or rise height to match different towing scenarios. They are an excellent choice for those with multiple very different trailers or variable towing needs and who don’t want to buy a dedicated drop hitch each time they have something different to tow.
  3. Weight-Distribution Drop Hitches: Weight-distribution drop hitches are designed for towing heavy loads and are often used with travel trailers or larger boats. They include built-in features to help distribute the weight more evenly between the truck and the trailer, improving stability and control.
  4. Pintle Hitch Adapters: Pintle hitch adapters are a specialized type of drop hitch commonly used for heavy-duty towing, such as construction equipment or military trailers. They feature a different coupling mechanism compared to standard ball hitches.
  5. Drop Hitch Extensions: In cases where additional clearance is required, drop hitch extensions can be added to your existing drop hitch to provide more length and flexibility.

Choosing the Right Drop Hitch

Selecting the best drop hitch for your lifted truck involves several considerations:

  1. Towing Capacity: Always check the towing capacity of your truck and ensure that the drop hitch can handle the weight of your trailer or equipment. The hitch’s capacity should match or exceed your towing needs.
  2. Drop Height: Measure the distance from the ground to the trailer hitch receiver on your lifted truck and determine the required drop height to ensure the trailer remains level during towing.
  3. Adjustability: If you anticipate towing different trailers with varying tongue heights, an adjustable drop hitch is a practical choice. It provides flexibility for many towing situations including very heavy trailers without having to own multiple drop hitches.
  4. Ball Size: Ensure that the drop hitch has a compatible ball size with your trailer’s coupler. Common ball sizes are 1 7/8″, 2″, and 2 5/16″.
  5. Hitch Class: Consider the hitch class, such as Class I, II, III, IV, or V, which corresponds to different towing capacities. Select a drop hitch that matches your truck’s hitch class.
  6. Material and Build Quality: Drop hitches are typically made from steel or aluminum. Steel hitches tend to be more robust and suitable for heavy-duty towing, while aluminum hitches are lighter and resist corrosion better.
  7. Ease of Use: Look for features like quick-release pins or adjustable height settings that make installation and adjustment more convenient.
  8. Safety: Safety should be your top priority when you buy a drop hitch towing a very expensive and heavy trailer. Ensure that the drop hitch you choose complies with industry standards and is rated for your towing needs.

Top Drop Hitch Picks for Lifted Trucks

  1. CURT Adjustable Drop Hitch: CURT offers an impressive range of adjustable drop hitches with various (vrom very low to very high) weight capacities, making them a versatile choice for most lifted truck owners.
  2. B&W Tow & Stow Hitch: Known for their durability and ease of use, B&W’s Tow & Stow Hitch is available in multiple sizes and drop heights to accommodate various towing requirements.
  3. Reese Towpower Adjustable Ball Mount: Reese Towpower’s adjustable ball mounts are affordable and come in various configurations to suit different towing scenarios.
  4. Andersen Rapid Hitch: The Andersen Rapid Hitch is known for its lightweight but very strong aluminum construction and very innovative adjustment system, making it a breeze to set up for most trailer heights and weight.
  5. Blue Ox SwayPro Weight Distribution Hitch: For those requiring weight distribution, the Blue Ox SwayPro is a top choice with its excellent sway control features and sturdy build.


In the world of lifted trucks, choosing the right material drop hitch is essential to avoid any dramatic accident. By understanding the various types of drop hitches available (Trailer Hook-Mounted Winches or 3 point Quick Hitch for Tractors) considering your specific towing needs, and selecting a high-quality hitch, you can enjoy worry-free towing experiences while maintaining the level alignment between your lifted truck and the trailer. Whether you opt for a fixed or adjustable drop hitch, prioritize safety, compatibility, and ease of use to ensure a successful and enjoyable towing journey with your lifted truck.